BREAKING: Dispatch reveals insight into why Girls’ Generation Jessica would be kicked out of SM Entertainment



Dispatch has released a list of 5 reasons and insights, according to their media outlet and their insiders, as to why Girls’ Generation Jessica may be kicked out of the group. 

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Kim Youngmin is destroying everything that SM artists have worked so hard for. 


[Update] Jessica is being forced out because she wants to do design and launch her brand at the same time as being a SNSD member. Also none of her members approve of her being in a relationship. But Taeyeon Dating a Bacon strip seems to have passed their credentials.


Everyone witnessing Kpop 2014 fuckery.
Are you talking about the return of superman? Because KBS world on YouTube subs them

yep yep! thank u so much for telling me!!! ;u;

You can watch the whole show in KBSworld youtube channel :) it have subs

omg u serious???!?!?!??!

niceeeeeeeeeee! thank u so much for telling me!!

Daehan & Minguk hugging each other ♥

How not to love this triplet!
WHAT? You havent watch the whole show yet? OMG you should watch!!

i knooow maaaaan!

ive just been admiring the show with the gifts and the screencaps that comes thru my dash!

i sweaaaaar im gonna watch the whole show okaaay!!?!?!?!?

i just dnt know where to go find vids with subs tho ;A;

yup, i think he's the second. He loves to sing and humming awwww adorable poopie

omg i saw a gif of him singing to calm himself down and i was like… AWWWWWWWWWWWW so adorable!!!!!!!! like little poopie sings to himself to keep him calm! like skdjaksjdkaslkd, im still viewing the small clips tho, havent really seen the whole show yet

im like looking at all the highlights of the show bec its so late here already!